people watch a whale from the deck of a boat
Channel Islands Naturalist Corps Volunteers aboard whale watching vessel. Photo: Robert Perry.

Channel Islands Naturalist Corps (CINC) are a group of specially trained volunteers dedicated to educating passengers on board whale watch vessels visiting Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and Channel Islands National Park. Volunteers are also trained to lead island hikes within the national park, participate in local outreach events and to conduct citizen science, including the collection of valuable research on marine mammals and other important sanctuary and park resources.

How to Apply

Please note that due to a high volunteer retention the sanctuary and park offer a new training class every two to three years for the CINC.

Please contact the staff below to be added to notifications regarding the next open recruitment period. You will be asked to submit your application electronically on volunteer.gov during the open recruitment period. Due to a high volume of interest in the CINC program, you are encouraged to provide as much detail as possible on your application regarding your interests and qualifications to serve as a naturalist.

For information please contact

Shauna Fry, Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

Reuven Bank, Channel Islands National Park