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Condition Report

Condition Report The Condition Report is a summary of the status and trend of sanctuary resources,pressures on those resources, and management responses to the pressures that threaten the marine environment. The document includes information on water quality, habitat, living resources, maritime archaeological resources, and the human activities that affect them. Resource status is rated on a scale from good to poor; trends in the status are reported from declining to improving. The ratings reflect the collective interpretation of the status of local issues among sanctuary program staff and outside experts based on their knowledge and perception of local problems. This is the first attempt to describe comprehensively the condition of resources at the Channel Islands. Additionally, the report helps identify gaps in current monitoring efforts, as well as conditions that may require monitoring and potential remediation in the years to come.

Download the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Report
pdf iconChannel Islands Condition Report (3.1 MB)
pdf iconResearch Activities Panel Review

Science Needs Assessment

Needs Assessment The Science Needs Assessment outlines information needs required to address management issues. The document was prepared by sanctuary staff and builds on the sanctuary management plan, condition report, and management concerns. The purpose is to clearly identify gaps in research and monitoring activities and to articulate the information needed to address management issues. The primary audiences for this assessment are potential partners and organizations, particularly those in the research community, with which the ONMS can collaborate to address the requirements defined in the assessment. If you are interested in addressing any of our science needs, please contact the CINMS research coordinator.

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