Community Involvement

sac meeting photoThe Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council (Advisory Council) was central to the development of the Channel Islands marine protected areas network, and remains essential to providing community input on management of the network.
Recognizing the importance of the Advisory Council’s unique role and valuable local knowledge, the California Department of Fish and Game and California Fish and Game Commission recognize the Advisory Council as the leading community body providing input on monitoring, enforcement and education of the reserves network.

The Advisory Council’s Research Activities Panel has led the way in pulling together a variety of scientists focused on developing, implementing, assessing and reporting on biological monitoring of the marine reserves. The Sanctuary Education Team has helped to develop several valuable marine reserves outreach products, such as brochures, and has helped to guide Sanctuary resources through the prioritization of programs and products. The Advisory Council’s commercial and recreational fishing working groups provide an ongoing forum for the fishing community to learn more about marine reserves and help inform management actions.

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