National marine sanctuary offices and visitor centers closed to the public; waters remain open

NOAA's national marine sanctuary offices and visitor centers are currently closed to the public, and in accordance with Executive Order 13991 - Protecting the Federal Workforce and Requiring Mask Wearing, all individuals in NOAA-managed areas are required to follow Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance on mask-wearing and maintaining social distances. Sanctuary waters remain open for responsible use in accordance with CDC guidance, U.S. Coast Guard requirements, and local regulations. More information on the response from NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries can be found on


FEIS Press Release (pdf, 80k) Adobe logo .pdf
Regulation in Effect Press Release (pdf, 48K) Adobe logo .pdf
Final Rule State Waters (pdf, 56k) Adobe logo .pdf
Notice of Effective Date - July 29, 2007 (pdf,56K) Adobe logo .pdf
Final Rule (pdf,316K) Adobe logo .pdf
Final EIS (pdf,3.4MB) Adobe logo .pdf
Federal Register Notice of Availability (pdf,60K) Adobe logo .pdf
Public Comments (pdf,9.1MB) Adobe logo .pdf
DRAFT EIS (pdf,3.1MB) Adobe logo .pdf
Changing terms of Designation (word doc) Adobe logo .pdf
CINMS Reserves 303 Letter - 2/16/05 (pdf, 124K) Adobe logo.pdf
Designation Doc_Enclosures (pdf,248k) Adobe logo.pdf
List of Recipients (pdf,88k) Adobe logo.pdf
Letter to CA. Governor - 6-14-07 (pdf, 272K) Adobe logo.pdf
California Resources Agency-1-02-07 (pdf,1.2MB) Adobe logo.pdf
CA State 303 Response - 4/18/05 (pdf, 64K) Adobe logo.pdf
PFMC 303 Reserves Response - 4/15/05 (pdf, 52K) Adobe logo.pdf
CA Lack of Progress Letter - 3/03/05 (pdf, 60K) Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Adobe logo.pdf
Comm_Space_Tran-Desig_Doc_Comment (pdf,56K) Adobe logo.pdf
CINMS 304a5 Letter - 5/25/05 (pdf, 80K) Adobe logo.pdf
CINMS 304a5 Supporting Document - 5/25/05
(pdf, 2 MB)
Adobe logo.pdf
PFMC Response to NOAA 10-19-05 Letter - 11/23/05 (pdf, 364K) Adobe logo.pdf
VADM Letter to PFMC re Fishing Actions in CA Sanctuaries - 10/19/05 (pdf, 48K) Adobe logo.pdf
NMSP Response to PFMC 304a5 Concerns Letter-7/26/05 (pdf, 80K) Adobe logo.pdf
VADM Letter to PFMC re MSA-NMSA Analysis - 7/19/05 (pdf, 56K) Adobe logo.pdf
PFMC CI 304(a)(5) Concerns Letter
7/01/05 (pdf, 80K)
Adobe logo.pdf
Response to PFMC 304(a)(5) Submission - 12-30-05 (pdf, 664K) Adobe logo.pdf
PFMC 304(a)(5) Submission - 11/23/05 (pdf, 364K) Adobe logo.pdf
USFWS_ESA_Consultation (pdf,100K) Adobe logo .pdf
USFWS_ESA_Consultation_response (pdf,52K) Adobe logo .pdf
NMFS_ESA_Consultation (pdf,52K) Adobe logo .pdf
NMFS_ESA_Consultation_Response (pdf,144K) Adobe logo .pdf
NMFS_EFH_Consultation_response (pdf,32K) Adobe logo .pdf
Coastal Commission Staff Report (pdf,196K) Adobe logo .pdf
Coastal Commission Decision (pdf,48K) Adobe logo .pdf
Adobe logo .pdf

EPA_DEIS_Comments_Lack_of_Objection (pdf,105K)

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