The Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary is one of our nation's most treasured marine areas. The sanctuary exists to provide protection to this nationally significant area and ensure that future generations are able to use and enjoy it. That means that NOAA manages the sanctuary to both conserve its resources and encourage uses that are compatible with conservation. NOAA also seeks to provide comprehensive and coordinated Sanctuary management in a way that complements existing regulatory authorities.


National Marine Sanctuaries Act

With the National Marine Sanctuaries Act (NMSA), Congress directs the Secretary of Commerce and NOAA to identify, designate, and manage ocean and Great Lake areas of special national significance as national marine sanctuaries. This includes the authority to adopt regulations and issue permits for certain activities, and requires each National Marine Sanctuary to have a management plan that is periodically reviewed and updated. In general, management of any national marine sanctuary is founded on these basic elements:
• authorizing legislation (National Marine Sanctuaries Act - NMSA);
• regulations;
• management plans;
• management effectiveness programs;
• conservation policy; and
• strategic planning.
For the National Marine Sanctuary System these elements are described in Management 101.

This Management section of the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary web site opens a door to information about the regulations, permitting process, resource protection functions and priority issues, management plan, and operational capabilities at the sanctuary. Use the menu options on the left to explore. You may also be interested in information about the Sanctuary Advisory Council, Marine Reserves network within the sanctuary, and links.

NOAA Office of National Marine Sanctuaries:

Management Information

National Marine Sanctuaries Act

West Coast Region, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Key management partners include but are not limited to:

Channel Islands National Park

NOAA Office of Law Enforcement, Southwest Division

NOAA Fisheries Service, West Coast Region

California Natural Resources Agency

California Department of Fish and Game

California State Lands Commission

The Nature Conservancy, Santa Cruz Island

U.S. Coast Guard

Sea Grant




For more information about the Management Plan, refer to menu links on this page (at left),email the Management Plan Coordinator at
or call (805) 893-6418


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