Lindsey Peavey

Lindsey Peavey

Research Specialist

Lindsey Peavey joined the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary research team in 2016 with a diverse background spanning marine ecology, conservation, cumulative impacts assessment, and biogeography. After earning a B.S. in marine science from the University of Miami, FL, Lindsey worked in cross-border community-based marine conservation for six years in Southern California and Northwest Mexico. Lindsey's graduate research focused on large marine vertebrates-marine mammals, sea turtles, birds, and fish-that migrate long distances to feed and breed. She studied where animals are, what they eat, and their open ocean movements using non-invasive approaches including animal tagging, biochemistry, genetics, habitat modeling, and spatial analysis. After completing a master's degree at Duke University and a PhD at UC Santa Barbara, both in Environmental Science & Management, Peavey worked on dynamic ocean management with the Southwest Fisheries Science Center as a California Sea Grant Fellow. At the sanctuary, Lindsey helps identify and describe the multiple natural and anthropogenic pressures that threaten marine resources, and collaborates with academics and stakeholders to produce and synthesize information that informs management approaches. Lindsey's first love is basketball but she also enjoys paddling outrigger and stand-up, running, hiking, yoga, and photography, hopefully all while traveling.

Contact Information

Phone: 805-893-6427

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