LTjg Elizabeth Mackie

Elizabeth Mackie

Vessel Operations Coordinator; NOAA Corps Officer

LT(jg) Elizabeth (Libby) Mackie, reported to Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary for her assignment as Vessel Operations Coordinator in July 2014. Libby comes to the sanctuary from her previous assignment as Junior Officer (Navigation, Safety, etc) aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson, which primarily operates in Alaska, both the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. She is a NOAA diver and Divemaster with about 5 years of experience prior to her joining NOAA Corps in 2012. She also holds a 100 ton license. Prior to NOAA Corps, she was enlisted in the U.S. Navy in Hawaii and worked on dive boats. Later she attended College of the Atlantic and Maine Maritime Academy, both in Downeast Maine, during which time she was a NOAA Hollings Scholar. She loves diving, being outside, and spending time with her three dogs.

Contact Information

Phone: 805-893-6426

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