Julie Bursek

julie bursek

Team Lead, Education and Outreach

Julie Bursek is Team Lead for Education and Outreach for Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary. She also served as Acting Research Coordinator from January through June of 2014. Her continuing role with the Research Department involves working to bridge together research and education programs at the sanctuary.  She develops education programs, exhibits, products, and partnerships that increase awareness about the sanctuary's cultural, maritime heritage, and living resources. She's spent over 24 years conducting scientific investigations of the offshore, shallow subtidal and intertidal systems of the southern California Bight including the Channel Islands. Her professional experience includes the development and implementation of floating laboratory educational and research programs and the coordination of community based volunteer programs and partnerships with community businesses, science educators and research institutions to promote environmental awareness and stewardship in the classroom, at community festivals and events. Julie holds a bachelor's degree in Aquatic Biology from University of California at Santa Barbara and a Master's degree in Biology from California State University Fullerton.

Contact Information

Phone: 805-893-6422
email: Julie.Bursek@noaa.gov

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