Sarah Amiri

Sarah Amiri

Research Dept Intern

My oceanographic pursuits started in 2004 when there was a massive marine mammal stranding across the Santa Barbara Channel from the domoic acid (neuro toxin) producing diatom, Pseudo-nitzschia.  Since that toxic event, I have been captivated by how oceanographic and anthropogenic parameters affect the toxin production and geospatial distribution of toxic phytoplankton species.  I’ve also worked on projects centered on biogeochemistry, ranging from nutrient cycling and hydrology in the Great Smokey Mountains to identifying bacterioplankton communities in the oxygen minimum zones on the BATS cruises in the Sargasso Sea.   These projects allow me to use real-time data sets and satellite imagery to paint a larger spatial picture of what’s going on in a regionalized sampling area.   My work at NOAA’s CINMS focuses mainly on identifying water quality parameters in the Santa Barbara Channel and how they may be changing with climactic and anthropogenic stressors.  

Contact Information

Phone: 805-705-9802

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